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And that's why I say Drake, because I know that I can have a good relationship with him. That's why I always say also Taylor, because the day that I met her, I had a great connection with her too. So it's not only about music, it's trying to connect more than that.

"Hawái" is a reggaeton song with pop ballad elements about the protagonist dealing with his ex lover publicly preaching her newfound happiness after their break-up, not convinced by her social media persona.[2]

. He loved being part of the Colombia-set film to help steer the stereotype of his country in a more positive direction. “It was amazing! It feels great when you fly to other countries and they don't talk about Pablo Escobar anymore. They don't talk about violence and drugs,” he told Allure

I already know that this is not a sprint race. This is a marathon. I want to run it. I want to have a balanced life. I want to get there, but I don't want to do it fast. I know this is going to take time. This is going to take a bunch of suffering, a bunch of good and bad things, but I'm here ready to become that legendary artist that I want to become.

bad imitation of denis dosio. he’s very good at singing, and he’s known because he did kind of a remix of the song “yoshi”, calling it “soshika”. he’s very handsome, he loves raquel from la casa de papel and often screams her name in forests.

Have you even read the text carefully? This doesn't even sound like a song, because they would use apostrophes like "Chucho't," "won't" instead of cannot and will not.

Asimismo maluma babay le puede interesar: Otra momento Diomedes: núsolo relacionado con el cantante convirtió en ganadores a miles de colombianos

Nacido como Juan Luis Londoño, su trayectoria se comprende mejor Internamente del contexto más amplio del prosperidad de la música latina que ha estado burbujeando desde 2017, cuando los artistas puertorriqueños Luis Fonsi y Daddy Yankee lanzaron Despacito

he loves recreating scenes from la casa de papel and singing songs by tiziano ferro, dpg, fred de palma and other italian singers. maluma babay he doesn’t know the song “perchè mi hai rotto il cuore”. his best performances:

Instead, he asked his aunt to pay for studio time so he could record his first song. “I went to the studio and fell in love maluma babay with the music I was doing,” he told VMan

21. Madonna has taught me so much. I’ve [learned] from her to stay true to who I am and continue maluma hawaii on my career path by being me.

En esta historia, Maluma queda cautivado por ella, pidiendo al paraíso que ella le junio maluma haga caso y finalmente se logran conectar sin importar su discapacidad auditiva, unidos por el ritmo de esta canción y el corazón.

De 'Acróstico' a 'Solo tienes que avisar': los homenajes musicales que los artistas han dedicado a sus hijos

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